Are your children looking for a great way to beat the heat or ride out a thunderstorm? The arcades at Funtime America will keep kids entertained for hours. We operate in a laid-back, climate-controlled environment that is perfect for children and parents alike. There’s always some fun to fall into, and with coupons and specials , there's no reason not to stop by!

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Arcade Games

Many of our games are arcade-only, meaning that you won’t find them on any home system!
We have Batman, Fast & Furious, Guitar Hero, and House of the Dead, just to name a few.
From little ones to teenagers, there is something for everyone at Funtime America!

Fun and Entertainment

The fun goes well beyond the walls of the arcades!
Funtime America is a large indoor amusement center with a convenient location right along the Jersey Shore.
Our café offers freshly made pizza and other goodies so you can snack while you play, and a variety of sections within the
building will keep kids entertained for hours. Also, if your children love our arcade games, don't forget that we also hold
private events for birthday parties and end-of-season celebrations. Contact us for information or visit us today for a fun day of play!

Pricing and Prizes

All games operate with tokens.
Each token holds a 25-cent value, but specials and coupons often make them even more affordable.
Once you're finished with the fun, you can redeem your tickets in our prize center.
We have candy, hula hoops, giant stuffed animals, beach balls, and other large prizes.

Redemption Games

Arcades In Eatontown, NJ

Win Tickets and Prizes at FunTime!
FunTime America has an incredible selection of Skill Games! Win tickets and redeem them for great prizes at our prize counter
. . . or save your tickets for your next visit and trade them in for even bigger prizes!

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